Berry Chia Blueberry Bars We are all confused when it comes to granola bars. We tend to think they make for a great mid-day snack. However, most of the packaged kind are high in sugar and calories – which sounds more like a candy … Continue reading → On My Wishlist: New Deli Yoga A place with yoga + good food + good coffee and it’s beautiful? Sign me up! As I was pinning on pinterest, or pinteresting (because, if that verb doesn’t exist, I think it should!) I found this gem: New Deli … Continue reading → Eat Organic “Is eating organic better, or not?” There are people who believe it is, there are the ones who don’t. Some people believe it’s all a scam. I’m one of those who believes that the most natural and unprocessed your food … Continue reading → About Carob + A Pudding One of my most recent discoveries is carob. Carob is similar to cacao – it comes from the pod of a tree that contains a sweet, edible pulp. It grows on a tree in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s similar to cacao, … Continue reading → Picking Berries Today, I miss NYC. I miss my apartment, my bed, and my space, and my friends. However, a part of me feels like I don’t belong there sometimes. Not because I don’t fit in with my friends or because I don’t … Continue reading → Pain After 3 exo|eso classes, my relationship to pain started to change. I love feeling pain when I work out. It tells me my body is working, and I’m pushing my limits. In fact, sometimes, if I’m not a little achy … Continue reading → The Cereal Monogamist My serious case of serial (not cereal!) monogamy started at 13 years old with an ex-boyfriend whom I will call Guy #1. He asked me out outside the my Social Studies classroom at 2.30 p.m. at the end of the school … Continue reading → Little Girls Wear Pink. Little Boys Wear Blue. Relationships are a complex thing. We have created all sorts of meanings and rules attached to who we should be, and what we should do in relation to the other sex. Women are crazy. Men are insensitive. Women want to … Continue reading → Fear, or Love? Have you ever felt scared that you will never meet the “man of your dreams”? Someone who is this way and that way, who will fall in love with you, take care of you, want to marry you, buy you a … Continue reading →